History and Missions


      KCRC, with the merger of Kaohsiung administrative region, from January 1 2011, was given the title of "Kaohsiung City Reserve Command". Kaohsiung city is composed by 38 districts. Both of the beautiful sceneries and agricultural products were very famous and popular. “Reserve Qingxi”, to gather humanities and culture - all of the partners, from beginning to end, executing the senior official guidance: "Country and Duty, Glory and Inheritance”. We are striving to become the professional societies organization, and very enthusiastic service for the country and hometown affairs. For the organizational changes and adjustment, KCRC combined the Stay-behind unit of Kaohsiung City in Jan 1 2013, added to our service team. KCRC’s glory history has more then 60 years old. Reviewing the fine tradition, we know that predecessors sacrifice and dedication. We hope that we can follow the predecessors, through innovation, development, continuous reforms and carrying forward our good military traditions.



      From the past, working on security guard and civil defense mobilization. Today, has been transformed into 4 principal tasks: Reservist Management, Mobilization, Service and Armed Forces Rear Echelon Administrator Service. “Reservist Service support Reservist Management”,” Reservist Management support Mobilization”, “Mobilization support Warfare”.-Complement each other. Base on solid mobilization readiness, and focus on the effective integration and using of civil reserve forces. Engaged in military reserve mobilization, management, services, organization training. In order to enhance the mobilization accuracy and cohesion of reserve forces, through the computer management and data connections, master the local reservist dynamic and static information.