Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website of Armed Forces Reserve Command,All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency,M.N.D (hereinafter referred to as the Website).  For you to comfortably use each service and information provided on the Website, we hereby explain to you the privacy protection policy of the Website that protects your rights and interests.  Please read the following contents carefully:

1. Scope of Applicability of Privacy Protection Policy

The privacy protection policy contains how the Website processes your personally identifiable information collected while you are using services provided by the Website.  The privacy protection policy is not applicable to either other websites linked from the Website or the personnel who are not appointed by the Website.

2. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

When you visit the Website or use any function or service provided by the Website, we will request you to provide personal information necessary for the function or service based on the nature of the function or service, and will process and use your personal information for specific purposes.  The Website will not use your personal information for any other purpose instead of the specific purposes without your written consent.

The Website keeps the name, e-mail address and contact information provided by you and time of use when you use our interaction functions such as e-mail service and questionnaire survey.

When you browse the Website, the server records your routes, including IP address of the device used, time of use, browser used and information browsed and chosen, for our reference to enhance services of the Website.  The records are used internally only and shall not be released to the public.

To provide service precisely, we perform statistical analysis on the contents of the questionnaires collected.  The statistical data or explanation in words based on the analysis result is not only provided for internal research, but also released to the public, if necessary, without involvement in any specific personal information.

3. Protection of Information

The web host of the Website is protected by various information security equipment and necessary protection measures, such as firewall and antivirus system.  With strict protection measures to protect the Website and your personal information, only the authorized personnel have access to your personal information.  Such personnel are required to make a confidentiality agreement.  In case a person violates his/her obligations under the confidentiality agreement, the person will be punished in accordance with applicable laws.

If any service is provided by a third party appointed by the Website for the need of its business, the Website will also request the third party to strictly comply with confidentiality obligations and will conduct the necessary inspection procedure to ensure its compliance with the obligations.

4. Related Links Outside the Website

Links connected to other websites are provided on webpages of the Website.  You may go to other websites by clicking the links provided on the Website.  However, the privacy protection policy of the Website is not applicable to any of the connected websites.  You have to read the privacy protection policy of the connected website.

5. Policy of Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

The Website will never offer, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or public agencies, except those that are based on the law or under a contract.

The proviso in the preceding paragraph includes but is not limited to any of the following situations:

It is with your written consent.

It is expressly provided by the law.

It is to eliminate any danger to your life, body, freedom or property.

Working with a public agency or an academic research institution is necessary for statistical or academic research based on public interests, and the information is processed by the information provider or cannot be used by the information collector to identify a specific person.

Your conduct on the Website violates any of the service terms, or may probably damage or obstruct the rights or interests of the Website or any user or cause any damage to any person.  Based on the review by the management unit of the Website, disclosing your personal information is necessary for identification, connection or taking any legal action.

It is helpful to your rights and interests.

When an entity is appointed by the Website to assist it in collecting, processing or using your personal information, we will exercise due care in supervising and managing the appointed entity or individual.

6. Use of Cookie

To provide you with the best service, the Website will place cookies on your computer.  If you decline cookies, some functions of the Website may probably not be available. 

7. Amendment to Privacy Protection Policy

The privacy protection policy of the Website is amended from time to time if necessary.  Amendments to the policy will be posted on the Website.



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