History of the Armed Forces Reserve Command

After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the "Taiwan Garrison General Headquarters " was establish in Chongqing City in August 1945. It was reorganized to be "Taiwan Provincial Garrison General Headquarters" in September 1949 and then the “Taiwan Provincial Public security Headquarter” in July 1958. In July 1964, the “Taiwan Armed Forces Reserve Command” was newly established, under which the Mobilization Operations Unit was added but assigned to the former Garrison General Headquarters. It was then established that the “Taiwan Armed Forces Reserve Command” assumed four major tasks, including garrison, public security, civil defense, and mobilization.

In August 1992, in response to the termination of Period of National Mobilization for Suppression of the Communist Rebellion, the Garrison General Headquarters was abolished but the coast guard mission was added, leading to the establishment of the “Taiwan Army Control District Command and Coast Guard Command”. When the “Coast Guard Act” was promulgate on February 1, 2000, leading to the establishment of the Coast Guard Administration and the separation of the military management from the coast guard mission, this Command is responsible for promoting the management, mobilization and service tasks for the military reservists.

The implementation of “National Defense Act” and “Organic Act of the Ministry of National Defense” on March 1, 2002 has further led to the name change from “Taiwan Armed Forces Reserve Command” to the “Armed Forces Reserve Command of the Ministry of National Defense,” under which a new training brigade was added on April 1, 2004 and the Rear Echelon Administration Office of Combined Logistics Command was added on January 1, 2006. Since then, this Command has been responsible for the training of new recruits; the management, mobilization, and service of military reservists and Rear Echelon Administration Service.

On January 1, 2013, the mission to train new recruits was moved to the army and the navy. Armed Forces Reserve Command has since been assigned to the General Staff Headquarters and mainly in charge of such missions as the mobilization, management, and Rear Echelon Administration Service for the military reserve force and the disaster prevention and relief.

On January 1, 2022, Armed Forced Reserve Command was assigned to All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency of the Ministry of National Defense. Its title therefore became “Armed Forced Reserve Command, All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency of the Ministry of National Defense”. The main duty of the Command is to implement reserve affairs including mobilization, management, service and civil defense work to reserve reservists’ potential.

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