Liou,Sieh-Ching  Commander

Commander,ROC AFRC Liou,Sieh-Ching

Lieutenant General Liu was born in Taoyuan City in 1965. He graduated from the ROC Military Academy in 1988, the Army and Command Staff College of National Defense University in 1998, and the War College of National Defense University in 2004. Prior to assuming his current position, Lieutenant General Liu had served as the Commander at the platoon, company, battalion, and Special Forces Command, the Deputy Commander of Penghu Defense Command, 10th Army Command, 8th Army Command, Aviation Special Forces Command, 6th Army Command, and the Commander of Penghu Defense Command.

During his tenure, Lieutenant General Liu has always been strict with himself and focused on his work. He not only vigorously promotes military mobilization, disaster relief, rear echelon administration service, and recruitment, but also spares no effort in improving internal management, talent cultivation, military culture, and combat readiness training. He pragmatically and steadily educates all officials and soldiers, and emphasizes lower-level cadre training to improve their work efficiency. He also leads all staff to complete their missions to consolidate the overall combat power of the reserved forces.

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