Pensions and Insurance

Military Insurance and Pensions - to protect the rights and interests of military members and strengthens their morale

The military pension system was established in 1926, and the Army Administration of Pension and Benefits Section was established in 1928. To protect the rights and interests of officers and soldiers and their dependents, the military insurance system was established in 1950. The system has thus existed for over 90 years, during which the relevant regulations of the system have been revised for several times due to social changes, making this important system an even more complete tool to invigorate the military morale and consolidate the combat power of the troops.

●Military insurance

Insurance coverage of the "Act of Insurance for Military Personnel" includes death, disability and retirement of military personnel. Such insurance benefits have increased the integrity of the military security system.

●Group Life Accident Insurance for Military Personnel

Group Life Accident Insurance has been enacted since 1998. If officers and soldiers in active service suffer from accidental casualties, the maximum insurance payment is NTD3.5 million per person. Moreover, the insured amounts for officers and soldiers involved in high-risk missions such as airfreight, submarine and ammunition, are increased, with the maximum insurance policy proceeds up to NTD10 million per person.

●National Health Insurance

To comply with the government’s National Health Insurance system, this Command started in 2001 to handle the related insurance applications for the officers and soldiers active in service as well as their dependents, so that they can obtain medical care from the National Army, public and private medical centers and the hospitals.

● Military Vehicle Insurance

The military vehicle insurance program has been handled since 1966. It is hoped that officers and soldiers, when driving a military vehicle in any combat readiness training or in any mission, can be properly protected for their rights, if they need to resolve accidents and disputes.

● Indemnities of the Military Personnel

Any military personnel who is injured or dies should be compensated according to the Indemnities Act for Military Personnel, which regulates to release the compensation according to the kinds of death and injury in a battle, on duty or sickness or accident, so that the livelihood of the living can be taken care of and the deceased can be comforted.

On October 3, 2012, LTCOL. Wang Tong-Yi, the ROCAF exchanged pilot to the French Air Force  scarified himself for saving innocent citizens.  On the day, Wang’s Mirage 2000 was on fire over a French town.  He refused to eject immediately and tried to pull up his damaged iron bird away from the town.  Wang was successfully saved the town but his Mirage exploded over woods that killed him
General Denis Mercier, Chief of Staff to the French Air Force, attended the memorial serviced and presented a flying medal to Wang’s wife for Wang’s tribute.  In 2013, French Government set a memorial stele on the place Wnag died.  Also, for honor Wang’s scarification, the Republic of China Government promoted him to full Colonel on the day of his funeral.
Pension Service Presenting the Loyalty Certificate
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