The Funeral and the Service

●Martyrdom and burial - Guarding the spirit of the army and worshiping the loyal and patriotic

To recognize the contribution of the military personnel to protect the people and defend the country, the government not only builds the military cemeteries to bury the loyal remains and the loyalty towers to guard the military spirit but also constructs the shrines and the monuments and holds the spring and autumn ceremonies regularly to worship the loyal and patriotic.

● National Revolution Martyr’s Shrine

In 1969, the Japanese Gokoku Shrine in Yuanshan, Taipei was rebuilt into the National Revolution Martyr’s Shrine, which serves as the exclusive shrine for the Central Government of the Republic of China to worship the martyrs who have sacrificed during the founding of the country and the defense of Taiwan. A Prayer Ceremony is held by the central government every year, over which the president presides to pay a tribute to honor the loyal and patriotic so as to hone the patriotism among the people of the country.

●ROC Presidential Worship for our Chinese Forefathers and Martyrs

President Chiang Kai–Shek presided over the 1971 Worship Rite
President Yen Chia-kan presided over the 1975 Spring Worship Rite
President Chiang Ching-kuo presided over the 1978 Autumn Worship Rite
President Lee Teng-hui presided over the 1996 Spring Worship Rite
President Chen Shui-bian presided over the 2006 Spring Worship Rite
President Ma Ying-jiu presided over the 2015 Autumn Worship Rite
President Tsai Ing-wen presided over the 2018 Autumn Worship Rite

●Martyr’s Shrine of the local administarions

According to the "Act of Military Service System", the county and city governments shall establish the Martyr’s Shrine to enshrine the fallen heroes, after their deeds are reported to and approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Keelung City Martyr’s Shrine
Taipei City Martyr’s Shrine
New Taipei City Martyr’s Shrine
Taoyuan City Martyr’s Shrine
Miaoli County Martyr’s Shrine
Taichung City Martyr’s Shrine
Changhua County Martyr’s Shrine
Nantou County Martyr’s Shrine
Yunlin County Martyr’s Shrine
Chiayi City Martyr’s Shrine
Tainan City Martyr’s Shrine
Tainan City South District Martyr’s Shrine
Kaohsiung City Martyr’s Shrine
Pingtung County Martyr’s Shrine
Yilan County Martyr’s Shrine
Hualien County Martyr’s Shrine
Taitung County Martyr’s Shrine
Penghu County Martyr’s Shrine

● National Military Service Cemetery

Built in Wuzhi Mountain, Xizhi District, New Taipei City in 1982, it is the stalwart resting place for the loyal and patriotic fallen heroes of the National Army. In 2002, to comply with the government's policy that replaces traditional burials with cremations, the Memorial Shrine was built to comfort the souls of our fallen heroes.

National Military Service Cemetery
President Ma Ying-jiu in 2015Autumn Worship Rite

● Air Force Cemetery

In 1952, this exclusive cemetery was built in Bitan, Xindian, New Taipei City to comfort the souls and praise the spirit of loyalty of the fallen heroes serving in the Air Force.

ROC Air Force Martyr Cemetery
President Ma Ying-jiu in the worship rite on March 29, 2015

● Military Memorial Tower

In 1954 and 1961, three memorial towers were successively established in Zhonghe District of New Taipei City (Northern Taiwan), Baguashan in Changhua County (Central Taiwan) and Chengcing Lake in Kaohsiung (Southern Taiwan), serving as the resting places for the souls of fallen soldiers making contribution to the country.

Taipei Memorial Tower
Changhua Memorial Tower
Kaohsiung Memorial Tower

● Overseas Cemetery, India

The Chinese Expeditionary Force was dispatched to India during the Second World War. Due to time and space constraints, the fallen soldiers were buried near the stationed places of the troops. It was later found by overseas Chinese and the Indian military that there are three Chinese military cemeteries located respectively in Ramgarh, Jairampur and Ledo in India.

Ramgarh Cemetery
Jairampur Cemetery
RLedo Cemetery

● Military cemeteries and memorial Shrines set up by local administrations

According to the "Act of Military Service System", the Ministry of the Interior shall order the county and city governments to set up and manage the military cemeteries for the deceased soldiers and honorary retirees.

● Military Cemeteries Set Up by Local Administrations

Taipei City Military Cemetery
Kinmen County Military Cemetery
Lianjiang County Military Cemetery

● Memorial Shrines Set Up by Local Governments

New Taipei City Military Memorial Shrine
Hsinchu County Military Memorial Shrine
Taichung City Military Memorial Shrine
Changhua County Military Memorial Shrine
Chiayi County Military Memorial Shrine
Tainan City Military Memorial Shrine
Kaohsiung City Military Memorial Shrine, Niaosong
Kaohsiung City Military Memorial Shrine, Yanchao
Yilan County Military Memorial Shrine
Hualien County Military Memorial Shrin
Taitung County Military Memorial Shrine
Penghu County Military Memorial Shrine

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