Dependents and Casualties Care

●Care for military dependents and soldiers- to ensure their livelihood and provide sustainable service and care

What the officers and soldiers guarding the front line and fighting in the battlefield concern the most is always their own dependents. To make the soldiers free of worries and willing to sacrifice their lives for the country, the "Act of Military Service System" stipulates clearly that the government must be grateful and provide sustainable care to the military dependents, the bereaved family members and the disabled soldiers.

Care for military dependents

All the dependents of active military personnel, including their parents, spouses and children, are given care by the government for childbirth, marriage and funeral subsidies, subsided medical expenses for military hospitals, and preferential treatment for water and electricity bills. In addition, festival special grants and consolation money must be regularly given to the bereaved family members left behind by the soldiers sacrificing their life during the early anti-Japanese war and anti-Communist war so as to maintain their living standards.

● Child rearing

In the early days, nurseries and schools were set up to educate the orphans left behind by the deceased soldiers. With the social transformation, they were incorporated into the national education system. Currently, soldiers and children of the bereaved families are given educational subsidies according to their school attendance conditions so as to protect their livelihood and reduce their schooling burden.

● Disability care

To express respect and gratitude towards the soldiers disabled and wounded due to fighting for the country, they are regularly given festival special grants and consolation money during the annual festivals. Moreover, their livelihood is properly taken care of by the government's social welfare system and medical resources.

Seen in this photo is Zhou Zhong-chao, father of LTCOL Zhou Tian-Chi being visited by colleagues of this Command in 2000 In 1985, LTCOL Zhou Tian-Chi was injured to death abroad. His bereaved family members, including his parents, are approved to receive pensions. The colleagues of Rear Echelon Administration Service of ROCAFRC visit and bring the pensions to the family regularly every year, in a hope to comfort the deceased.


On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2015, LTGEN Wang Xin-Long, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of National Defense, led fellow officers to pay a condolence visit to the former ROC Army Cpl Liang Dian-Guang In 1955, Corporal Liang Dian-Guang was injured by explosives, resulting in the loss of eyesight in both his eyes and the damage of his left hand and his front shoulder. He was approved of first-class disability pension. To continue the care for the retired soldiers who have been disabled, the government issues festival special grants to strengthen their living allowance on three festivals every year, based on the concept of "treating the soldiers as family members".


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