I. Purpose for drills

The "Tung Hsin Drill" is the culmination of the major mobilization exercises of the National Army each year. The military reservists listed by the annual mobilization plan is summoned and formed into reserve forces. At the same time, the mobilization and expropriation of material resources are implemented, and the relevant courses (items) are planned and drilled by combining the actual wartime scenarios, so as to verify the ability of the reserve forces to perform homeland security missions.

Formation ceremony of reserve forces

Way of exercise

(I)Manpower mobilization:

It is the main function of mobilization, which aims to establish a well-planned military service system as well as an effective military mobilization system. And the effectiveness of country-wide manpower utilization will be verified by yearly exercises.

(II) Mobilization of material resources:

There are two kinds of mobilization of material resources, important resources and fixed facilities. In order to satisfy the needs of military and civilian during war time, reservation demand will be fulfilled in accordance with yearly project plans submitted by each unit and in conjunction with annual administration plan provided by competent authorities. Such demand will be certified through annual due diligence and distributed and acquired according to the law, in order to satisfy both the objectives of supporting military combats as well ass people’s wellbeing.

The military service team assists in the construction of beach-shore blocking barriers The military service team uses heavy construction machinery in the construction of beach-shore blocking barriers Reserve forces implement urban deep battle drills

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