The legal affairs of this Command are handled by the Inspection Office, which is responsible for the rule of law education, legal affairs, legal services, and litigation counseling. They are briefly described as follows:

I. Rule of law education

To promote the legal knowledge of soldiers and contract employees, so that they know and abide by the law and strictly follow the military discipline, the members of the court-martial are invited to teach and to make audio-visual teaching materials and propaganda materials.

II. Legal affairs

To fully implement the objectives of "legalization of the national defense system", this Command has been engaged in the formulation, amendments and abolitions of military laws and regulations and the disclosure of information.

III. Legal services and litigation counseling

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of soldiers and their families, this Command provides legal counseling services and assists them in litigation proceedings. In addition, this Command is also responsible for the legal consultation, contract review, agency litigation and assistance in illegal cases for various military units.

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