The aim of "rear echelon administration service" is to provide relief to military members and their families (especially the bereaved family members left behind by the soldiers sacrificing their life for the country). It is considered the responsibility of the state to take care of the survivors left behind, so that the frontline soldiers have no worries to complete their duties of protecting the country and the people. The service scope is even expanded to the basic work of making the soldiers and military dependents feel in peace during the peace time. The rear echelon administration service is also considered a key factor to strengthen the invisible combat power during the wartime time as it motivates all the people to rise to the national disaster and fight for the country.

The Rear  Echelon Administration Service includes   insurance ,pension, care, enlisting fallen heroes in the Martyr’s Shrine, burial and funeral, aiming to protect the rights and interests for the officers and soldiers and to take care of the bereaved military dependents, so that all the officers and soldiers and their dependents can live in peace and military morale can be motivated and strengthened. The scope of services involves all the aspects of personal needs such as life, old age, illness and death. The service is provided empathically according to laws and regulations, so as to safeguard the legal rights of the concerned officers and soldiers and their dependents.

In response to the downsizing of organization and personnel in recent years, the National Army has not only streamlined various tasks by introducing informational, digital and cultural management elements to construct high-quality, fast, convenient and thoughtful E-services but has also continuously strengthened its software and hardware equipment and enhanced the service skills of the service staff. The aim is to "fight for welfare and benefits for military members and their families”, "integrate and develop the information systems", "increase the capacity of the military shrine and cemetery" and "improve the interests of officers and soldiers" in the hope to achieve the mission purpose of providing “heart-touching service".

Year-end business review meeting

The Administration of Pension and Benefits Section was established in 1928 and expanded into the Division after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. In 1960, the Administration of Pension and Benefits Division, the Military Dependents Management Office and the Military Insurance Management Committee were integrated to form the Rear Echelon Administration Service of the Joint Service Command. To safeguard the legal rights and interests of military members and their families, especially the livelihood of the bereaved families, the staff in the Rear Echelon Administration Service are all convinced that "good, fast, convenient, and thoughtful" is the creed and "responsibility and honor" is the mission. A review meeting is held every year to improve the services.

Release of foods to military dependents in early days

During the early days when the government first moved to Taiwan, the situation in the Taiwan Strait was tense, and soldiers were required to station at the front line for a long time to protect the country, while their dependents were left behind in Taiwan to lead a difficult life. Due to lack of materials in those years, the government delivered real supplies, including rice, oil, salt and so on, to every household of military dependents.


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