In 1961, the late president Chiang Kai-shek instructed in the military conference that the reserve military training should be strengthened and the preparation for mobilization should be completed. In 1964, this Command drafted the "Strengthening the Reserve Military Training Program". In 1965, the late president Chiang Kai-shek instructed to officially establish the Reserve Counseling Organization. In 1966, the Ministry of National Defense approved and announced the "Working Program for the Political Training of Military Reservists", which regulates to set up the Counseling Unit in every township (town, city, district) and a counselor in every village to promote four (4) major tasks, including reserve military organization, propaganda, social adjustment and service.

        In 1977, due to the surge in the number of military reservists, the original organizations were all overwhelmed by the more and more arduous workload. To meet the needs, the township (town, city, district) Counseling Organization was expanded into the Counseling Center with the appointment of a director and a secretary and in every village is set up a Counseling Unit in which a group leader and a number of counselors are appointed. The Counseling Center is responsible for the promotion of various tasks.

        In 1992, in response to the social development, the counseling organization is reviewed and adjusted by appointing one supervisor for every 2 to 5 counseling units, which is under the jurisdiction of the Reserve Military Counseling Center of the County/City Command Office.

        In 2002, authorized under the "All-out Defense Mobilization Readiness Act," the Ministry of National Defense promulgated the "Regulations for the Establishment of Reserve Military Counseling Organizations" to officially complete the legalization of "Reserved Military Counseling Organization", which is responsible for assisting in handling national defense and reserve affairs, implementing the "military nationalization" and planting the roots of "all-out defense" at the grassroots level. As a result, the reserve system has become more complete, the organizational connotation has become more refined, and the work level has become more profound.

        In 2015, in conjunction with the amendment of "All-out Defense Mobilization Readiness Act", this Command revised the provisions related to formation, training, service and other related guidance as set out in the "Regulations for the Establishment of Reserve Military Counseling Organizations".


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