Muster-call for reserve force

The policy is "1 training every 2 years" and "key personnel in fixed troop formation". The training courses designed specifically for either cadres or general officers and men shall be implemented for 5 to 7 days, according to the principle that "cadres practice command, while private soldiers practice fighting (including shooting) and disaster prevention and relief skills". The training courses shall be designed and finalized with key points for requirements according to the type of troops, equipment and tasks. It is hoped that the selection, organization and training can be carried out effectively according to the annual plan, and the goal of "timely mobilization and timely operation" can be achieved.

A real scenario of live firing

Muster-call for the military service teams

In accordance with the "1 training every 2 years" policy, different training courses shall be designed and finalized based on the type of formation and the nature of service. The one-day training shall be implemented by emphasizing "both theory and practice”, "unified concentration and self-training by unit cadres". Meanwhile, key points of requirements for the training must be formulated according to the "mission and efficiency" orientation, so as to strengthen and enhance the grouping and serving capability and to achieve the mission of supporting military service.

A real scenario of the military service team

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