To support or compensate for the lack of mobilization recall and adapt to the military and/or garrison needs and balance the military service obligations.


(I) Supplemental mobilization for the active vacancies during the peace time.

(II) Supplemental mobilization for persons returning to service when the reason for suspension is eliminated.

(III) Supplemental mobilization for manpower supplements during the war time.

(IV) Supplemental mobilization for the military and/or garrison needs.

III.Timing for Supplemental mobilization

(I) Supplement for active vacancies during the peace time: handled by the Ministry of National Defense according to the needs of the manpower.

(II) Elimination of the reason for suspension: Reason for temporary suspension due to illness and legal case does not exist and active duty is resumed.

(III) Wartime personnel supplement: Ministry of National Defense shall approve the implementation plan according to military requirements.

(IV) Military and garrison needs: According to the military and garrison needs, a special recall plan shall be formulated and submitted to the Ministry of National Defense for approval.

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