Cultivate the potential for reserve forces and enhance the military literacy and combat skills of military reservists, so that they can adapt to the mobilization need for war preparations and implement the plan during training or exercises according to military needs.

II.Time limit for muster-call

The scope, number of people, and time of the muster-call shall be implemented by the Ministry of National Defense on an annual basis. Reservists who are dismissed from the armed forces within 8 years must be mustered for 4 times at the maximum and 20 days for each call at the maximum. However, the Ministry of National Defense can increase the number of year limits, the number of muster calls and their timing according to military needs.

III.Targets to be mustered

Mainly the military reservists to be mobilized according to the expanded mobilization plan and the military reservists who are designated professionals to be applied for according to the Well-organized mobilization plan.

The formation of troops
After the reservists report to their muster call, they must be formed into troops to carry out the goal of "attacking as in active service or defending the homeland as in backup service" and demonstrate the determination to defend the homeland under the conviction to protect their family, their country and the soil.


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