To adapt to the needs of national defense or to cope with emergencies, the human, material, financial and spiritual powers of the entire country are changed from the peacetime to the wartime state or the extraordinary-period state.

II.Targets to be mustered:

(I) The military reservists to be mobilized according to the expanded mobilization plan and the military reservists who are designated professionals to be applied for according to the well-organized mobilization plan.
(II) Persons in either the standing forces or reserve forces who are included in the personnel replacement mobilization plan.

III.Timing for mobilization recall

The "original order of mobilization recall", which is deposited in the police precincts during the peace time, will be sent by the police officers to the persons to be mustered during the war or an extraordinary incident, after the President issues a 「mobilization order」. The persons to be mustered must then report to the troop prescribed in the mobilization order. In addition, those who are listed on the annual mobilization plan will receive a photocopy of the 「mobilization order」, on which the mobilization symbol, the troop number and the place to report to are described, so that the mass media can be used to announce the 「mobilization order」 and the persons to be mustered can report to the troops in time to accelerate the speed of mobilization.


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