According to Articles 47 and 48 of Management Rules for Military Reservists, the military reservists shall enjoy or perform the following rights and obligations, unless otherwise provided by law:

I. Military reservists who take part in any managerial, organizational, or educational activity related to the Armed Forces Reserve Command or its subordinating headquarters at all levels shall be treated as a kind of Leave for Statutory Reasons.

II. When participating in major celebrations and gatherings, the reservists shall wear military uniforms and the medals as prescribed by the reserve management authority.

III. During the reserve period, the reservists shall comply with the military service decrees, perform their military service obligations and assist in military service. If the reservists perform well or deliberately violate the preceding obligations, they shall be rewarded or punished according to the relevant laws and regulations.

IV. If a reservist dies, his or her corpse may be uniformed and placed nto a coffin, and his or her tombstone may be engraved with official titles and classes. If he or she has meritorious deeds or special merits for the country, society, and locality during the reserve period, a tribute may be paid to him or her at the funeral service ceremony by chiefs or their representatives of a local municipality or county (city) government and the County/City Reserve Command General Headquarters. His or her deeds may be reported to win commendation.

V. According to Article 7 of the Management Rules for Military Reservists, the military reservists shall perform the following managerial obligations:

(I) Declaration of household registration for move-in or move-out or change of address.

(II) Declaration of entry and exit to/from the country.

(III) Declaration of changes in the status of the family.

(IV) Reception of physical examination, interview, and investigation.

(V) Participation in reserve formation, training, and education.

(VI) Declaration of other matters in transition.

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