The purpose is to provide the retired officers and soldiers with the certificate of experience for their military services, correction of documentation and the approval and issuance of medals. The acceptance items are as follows:

I.  Certificate of military service experience for the officers and soldiers.

II. Remarks and check on military experience for their employment or recruitment as public service personnel.

III. Issuance of certificates for their general military information.

IV. Assistance in the identification for their status in the 823-artillery war.

V. The approval and issuance of Army's First Special Soldier honor certificate and medals.

Seen Army’s First Special Soldier honor certificate and medals

VI. Forwarding of the medals commemorating the defense of Taiwan by the Republic of China.

VII. Reissuance of the medals commemorating the service on the outlying islands.

Medals Commemorating Service on Outlying Islands

VIII. Reissuance of the lost certificate for dismissal from the armed forces.

IX. Application for correction of the military service records and other information.

Applications at Service Desk

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