I. Purpose:

It is aimed to incorporate into the reservist management system those persons who are retired, suspended from service, dismissed from mobilization, returned to rest as scheduled, and/or demobilized according to law. The reservist management system must be established in compliance with the operating rights and responsibilities of the military service and household administration units and the County/City Reserve Command General Headquarters as well as their work procedures to receive, transmit and notify the addition of master information files.

II. Summary of the execution:

Before leaving the military camp, the departing person only needs to assist the personnel officer in his or her troop to verify his or her voucher card (referred to as the AB card) which states that his or her status has been transferred from an active soldier to a military reservist as well as check and confirm by signing his or her name the correctness of his or her household registration data. Then, he or she does not need to report to his or her township (town, city, district) household registration office. Instead, the personnel office in his or her troop, the military service unit under the Ministry of the Interior, the Armed Forces Reserve Command of the Ministry of National Defense and its subordinating unit will jointly transfer the paper and electronic data files concerning the reservist to the information system database to update and make perfect the complete the management system for military reservists.

After a reserve soldier leaves the military camp, the AFRC is responsible for the documentation and management of his or her military data and information, which is provided for people to apply for various usages

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