Origin & Revolution


    The military cemetery is located between Xizhi, Wanli and Neihu district. Prior to the construction of the cemetery, the place was a golf course. Situated at 699 meters above sea level, its view extends from Taipei City all the way to Jilong Harbour. On the west of the cemetery is the well-known Yang-ming national park. The gloriously magnificent palace that fallen heroes are worshipped eternally is embraced by endlessly sweeping mountains extending towards the end of serpentine Jilong River with boundless horizons and breathtaking views of Mother Nature. The cemetery was built in the memories of all the martyrs to honor their spirits and sacrifices they have made for the country. Military cemetery, surrounded by marvelous peaks and circuitous pass, is known for its vibrantly flourishing greens during springs and summers and pleasing views of the celestial heaven. The picture of subtly beautiful autumns and winters decorated with dim light and drizzles, however, is analogous to a bemoaning elegy that represents regrets and grief every martyr held for the fiasco of unaccomplished revolution. We dedicate Wuzhi military cemetery to all martyrs who shed blood and tears for our country and entrench a paradigm of martyrs’ souls for our future generations.

    Governments, in order to honor spirits of loyalty that fallen heroes grasped, ambitiously attempted to reconstruct the palace in April 1977 for the encouragement of people’s morale. In response to the policy, the construction of Memorial Palace started on March 1981, and was completed on March 1981.The Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery was originally under management of Combined Logistics Command on January 2006; On January 2012 it was devolved to Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery Management Department, Reserve Command. Rename as Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery Management Section, Reserve Command on January 2013.