Future Prospect

    Since 1982, the Military Palace has been the niches for fallen military heroes who have sacrificed for the nation. As an old saying goes “ What comes around, goes around.” We as the heart of the Palace possess such a spirit to positively encourage our fellows to reach the goal of “ wholehearted service”, stimulating the development of interment services and other funeral occupations and putting the precedence over the FOUR cored perceptions-wellness, efficiency, convenience and perfectness- as priority. With such a preponderant precept, we could maintain the excellence and wholeness of the image of Military Palace.

     We persistently upgrade our interment service and the quality of professional management, especially focusing on manners training, improvement of application process, advancement of family feedbacks process, enhancement of the palace’s environment, interment management so as to enhance the quality of our services, to guarantee the value of our duty and to ensure the accomplishment of our ultimate goal.